According to Build Force Canada, construction investment in Manitoba will continue to grow as it is driven by major hydroelectric and transmission line projects. Engineering construction is projected to peak in 2016 and then slow as known major projects wind down. Commercial and institutional building construction continues to rise. Residential investment resumed growth in 2015 and is expected to peak in 2019, but overall investment will stay well above historical levels of activity.

Over the period 2015 – 2024, total construction employment will increase by 3,700 jobs in addition to an 8,600 to replace workers (retirements) presenting a total of 11,800 workers will be needed to meet demand in the Construction Industry. In the short-term there will be a requirement for engineering related work from 2015 to peak in 2016 and then more gradual gains in commercial and residential jobs.


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Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC)
Trade Up Manitoba


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