The lifelong process of career development begins early. You can help your son or daughter along the path to a successful career at any age by checking out some of the diverse and rewarding careers available in Manitoba. Simply start by clicking on Careers in Manitoba and explore the opportunities.

Today's students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. To be successful, they will need to understand new technologies and social and organizational systems. Learning in school becomes more effective and relevant if students can see where their education might lead in the future.

Although career awareness and planning activities occur in Manitoba schools, research shows students are more successful if parents and schools work together. Your kids need you. "Remember, along any journey there are always unexpected turns, pit stops and even a few speeding tickets! You can use these stories from your own life as an opportunity to have your son or daughter think about their own plans." Source: Canada Career Information Partnership

Manitoba Career Prospects is an effective way for your son or daughter's school to connect with business and industry to facilitate:

  • Speaker / Presenter
  • Industry Tour  (subject to availability and safety regulations)
  • Career Fair Display

Contact your child's school counselor for more information on Manitoba Career Prospects.


Parent Resources

A Career Development Resource for Parents
Helping parents explore the role of coach and ally The Canada Career Information Partnership (CCIP) developed this guide to help parents support teens as they explore their options and make decisions. The goal is to provide you with some practical ideas and resources to use with your son or daughter.

High Five Plus One
This handbook is written for parents of children in Middle Years schools. Helping children build on their skills, strengths, and confidence will assist them in planning for the future. This handbook has been written to encourage parents and children to begin thinking about and discussing career exploration.

Manitoba Career Development Gateway
This model is designed to assist your child with lifelong career development planning. Walk through it with them and check out the many great resources available.

Career Trek Inc.
Career Trek Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that helps young people discover the importance of education and career development by providing career oriented programming in educational settings across Manitoba.

The Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC)
The MAPC is an organization of school based parent groups throughout Manitoba. Most members are Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), Parent Councils, Advisory Councils for School Leadership (ACSL), and other parent committees from individual schools as well as individual members who do not currently participate in an active parent group in their community.

Career Crafting the Decade After High School: Professional's Guide (2015)
Career Crafting offers a powerful and insightful portrait of the early career journeys that young adults undertake, told in their own words.

The Decade After High School: A Parent's Guide
This booklet for parents; written to give you hope and guidance, offers practical suggestions for constructive roles you can play, activities you can undertake, and resources you can use as you help your children make informed, personally satisfying career decisions.

Also, be sure to check out our Videos and Resources page for more valuable information.