Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Manitoba (CME)

CME, as Canada’s largest trade and industry association, has a mandate to help manufacturers and exporters improve their competitiveness and enable their  growth in local and international markets around the world.

In Manitoba, the challenges facing manufacturers and exporters include: finding ways to be more productive with resources and processes; understanding and applying the right technology; utilizing innovation; developing and engaging their workforce, and becoming competent and proactive in trade by expanding into new markets locally  and worldwide.

CME has developed supports and resources including ‘Champions’ in the areas of Lean/Productivity, Technology/Innovation, Trade, and Human Resources to address specific challenges. Programs involve training, intelligence, industry tours, best practices, and networking activities that connect companies and resources.

The manufacturing sector and the dependant supporting services around it contribute to close to 30% of Manitoba’s economy and employs close to 70,000 people.