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Manitoba Career Development Gateway
Whether you are just starting to plan for your future, wanting to change jobs or looking to advance your career, this model is designed as a tool to assist you with lifelong career development planning.

Trade-Up Manitoba
Explore your future in skilled trades. Manitoba's strong construction climate is creating a wealth of unlimited career opportunities, the salaries are significant and the outcome is extremely rewarding.

Career Trek
Career Trek provides Manitobans with a wide range of experiences and information designed to develop the knowledge, skills, relationships, and values consistent with career and educational success.

Youth Employment Services
Provides free employment services to young Manitobans in a safe and supportive environment. Learn new skills, develop confidence and feel supported in your transition to employment.

Province of Manitoba's Labour Market Information (LMI)
LMI is knowledge, facts, data, and relevant information on the supply and demand of labour. The primary purposes of our research and analysis is to provide Manitobans with current, accurate and relevant LMI to support informed planning and decision making.

For the Manitoba Labour Market Occupational Forecasts 2018 to 2024 Summary Findings PDF, Click Here

Find My Job
Find Jobs with the most comprehensive job search tool in Manitoba.
Find My Job Manitoba collects job search results from all major boards in the province and places them in a single location to make it easier to find the job you're looking for.

Career Crafting the Decade After High School: Professional's Guide (2015)
Career Crafting offers a powerful and insightful portrait of the early career journeys that young adults undertake, told in their own words.

The Decade After High School: A Parent's Guide
This booklet for parents; written to give you hope and guidance, offers practical suggestions for constructive roles you can play, activities you can undertake, and resources you can use as you help your children make informed, personally satisfying career decisions.

Rotary Career Symposium
Created to showcase leading industries, employment and educational opportunities in Manitoba and beyond, the Rotary Career Symposium is a truly unique event to help expand your career possibilities!

Brandon Career Symposium
The Brandon Career Symposium is designed to be an opportunity for students and adults to hear from and talk with exhibitors about all the challenges and opportunities in making career choices.

Project SEARCH Winnipeg is an innovative, work-oriented high school transition program for students labelled with developmental disabilities. Students, together with a teacher and job coaches, are all fully embedded in a large employer site for what would otherwise be the last year of school.


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