Career Profile - Entrepreneur, Videographer

Raymond Friesen

As co-owner and manager of Handcraft Creative, Raymond Friesen is living his dream of producing films and documentaries.

“I graduated from Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (MBCI) and went to the University of Winnipeg in the Theatre and Film program,” said Friesen. “My dream job growing up was to work in the film industry and getting the right education was the first step. My parents and high school teachers encouraged me in every way possible.”

At Handcraft Creative, Raymond’s activities include directing, camera operation and editing. “Working with cool companies and people is definitely the highlight,” said Friesen. “I perform many different tasks and get to go places, see things and meet people that most people don’t have a chance to see.”

As a young entrepreneur, Raymond has had to overcome the ‘age barrier’ with some older adults in the industry as well being a start-up company. He credits his parents who were his role-models growing up as well as industry mentors James and Lisanne from Indie Game: The Movie for helping him persevere.

Raymond advises young people to “set a goal and pursue it. Don’t wait for things to drop in your lap – they won’t. Start doing what you’re interested in doing. This generation has greater access to technology and supports than any other.”

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