Career Profile - Customer Contact Coach

Meagan Gillespie

Meagan Gillespie helps bring a human voice to some of North America’s biggest brands. Gillespie is a Coach with Skybridge Americas, a multinational call center organization that is the ‘voice-of-the-brand’ for many businesses across North America.

It is an industry she was eager to be involved in because of the many opportunities for advancement and growth. “The truth in this industry is that change is constant and that allows one to learn new skills, information, and techniques,” says Gillespie, a Saskatchewan-born graduate of North Battleford High School and a 2009 Manitoba Customer Contact Association Representative of the Year recipient.

Her duties at Skybridge Americas include training and development of new staff, supporting a team of employees, administration, scheduling and quality control. The work is varied and Gillespie appreciates the challenge. “It is very satisfying to reflect on experiences from the past and from a range of industries to draw knowledge and creative solutions.”

Gillespie’s advice for students is to set goals so you don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish. “The time-frames you set for yourself might not match those set by others, and they don’t have to. You are in charge of you so move at your own pace. But always keep moving forward.”

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