Career Profile - Insurance Representative

Jocelyn Francis

Jocelyn began her career path after graduating from St. Mary’s Academy and then earning a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Before becoming an insurance representative at Western Financial Insurance Company, Jocelyn was a lab research technician where attention to detail and precision were necessary skills. As to be expected, entering the insurance field required Jocelyn to work on client interaction and hone her interpersonal skills.

Advice from a friend was what introduced Jocelyn to the idea of a career in insurance. “When my friend told me about the flexibility and benefits of the insurance field, it led me to eventually pursue a career there,” said Francis.

A typical day for Jocelyn as an insurance representative entails promoting and educating clients about the importance of insurance, advising on all aspects of insurance policies and of course, sales.

“Over the years, I really respected my parents as role models because they immigrated into Canada with very little and have managed to create their own success through hard work and perseverance,” she said. Jocelyn’s advice to students and young people looking for a career is “Stay focused, be positive and work hard. If one career path does not pan-out there will always be other opportunities. Never give up and never stop learning.”

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