Career Profile - User Experience and Interface Designer

Adelle Rempel

Technology is everywhere, but just because companies are capable of developing a product, it doesn’t mean customers will buy it.

Companies must also design and market products that are easy to understand and enjoyable to use in order to stand out from the competition. Enter Adelle Rempel..

As a User Experience and Interface Designer at Imaginet, Adelle combines her love of graphic design and psychology to help companies build software customers will use and enjoy. As a graduate of the Advertising Art program at Red River College combined with post-graduate studies in Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan College in Ontario, Adelle has a solid educational background as well.

“We all see that awesome design combined with awesome technology is why products like iPhones are so successful,” said Rempel. “I shadow and interview people while they use the software and use analytics to understand their behaviour. I use that information to plan how the content will be organized, design the mock-ups in Photoshop, and work with developers to bring the vision to life.”

It’s a challenging field, but one that Rempel finds rewarding. “Being a designer affords you a lot of flexibility. You can work for yourself from home, in a high-powered ad agency, or in a small indie game shop. It’s not a rigid career.”

Her advice for students is to consider what kind of lifestyle you want and include this in making your career choice. “Invest your time, your energy, and your dollars wisely.”

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