Career Profile - Production Coordinator

Aaron Graham

As a production coordinator with the Director’s Guild of Manitoba, Aaron Graham has found a way to combine his lifelong passion for films with a career that pays the bills.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the history of cinema and the careers of filmmakers,” says Graham, who cites French New Wave critic/director Francois Truffaut and Apocalypse Now screenwriter John Milius as influences.

The film industry is one of continuous learning. One day Aaron might be coordinating delivery of essential production pieces, and the next ensuring the latest updated scripts are delivered to the actors before filming. The hours are long, but as he explains, this isn’t a bad thing when you get the opportunity to spend time with people whose work you admire.

“I’d gone from reading about the history of my favourite film to working closely alongside that film’s editor who is now a director,” said Graham. “It was amazing to observe how the director’s mind worked in constructing the entire feature film,” says Graham.

A career in the film industry requires a willingness to work any time of day – and sometimes night – and put in long hours in order to work your way up the industry ladder. Entry-level positions are an opportunity to learn how the industry works and gain an appreciation for the fine details that go into making a film.

Best part? You needn’t go to Hollywood to start your career. Manitoba has a thriving film industry right at home with lots of local resources for you to tap into.

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