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Pit Turenne

Manitoba is a land of untouched nature, majestic wildlife and great fishing. Pit Turenne co-owns and manages one of top fly-in fishing destinations in North America where he has spent every summer since he was ten years old.

“My parents purchased Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge in 1988 when it was just property on a lake,” said Turenne. “We’ve taken what they began and made the old new again. Today we have a fully modern luxury destination that offers world-class service and great fishing. Our ‘Aikens Experience’ attracts sport-fishing enthusiasts from around the world.”

His passion and commitment to the business is shared with this wife Julie, who, together with their business partners and other staff, offer a first class service from May to September each year.

“Our summer staff are young, vibrant and enthusiastic students who come here to work hard to learn the ropes. Living in a secluded location, accessible only by float plane, means it is easy to save money as there is no place to spend it!”

Turenne says that a career in the outdoors is great. “Living and working in the tourism industry is a great lifestyle. We enjoy getting out of the urban environment and the peace and quiet. Being a successful outfitter takes passion, dedication and hard work but the payback makes it all worthwhile.”

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