Employer Profile - Cadorath Aerospace

Cadorath is a multi-faceted international company with several divisions, products and services. Cadorath Aerospace Engineering Department Head, Shane Zakaluk, says Cadorath prides itself on delivering quality, reliability and customer satisfaction to the aviation sector. “We’ve been in business over 55 years and value our relationships with customers and suppliers,” said Zakaluk. “We’re all about quality, precision, service and peace of mind for our customers.”

The aerospace industry is one that is constantly evolving and growing and Cadorath embraces change and innovation. “Our employees understand it is important to find ways to challenge conventional wisdom and continue to develop our manufacturing, processing and distribution services,” said Zakaluk. “The willingness to learn, adapt and improve are key values we look for in new employees as well as a positive attitude,” he added.

Like any diversified company, Cadorath offers a variety of occupations to choose from with engineers, technical records specialists, and machinists at the top of the list when it comes to high-demand jobs. “Cadorath is looking to double or maybe even triple our industry support in the next decade, including a rapid expansion of engineers over the next few years,” said Zakaluk. “Career prospects in the aerospace industry in Manitoba are very promising – the industry is growing and expanding world-wide.”

Zakaluk advises young people looking to work in the aerospace industry should first get education and experience in a trade or technical program. “An interest in knowing all aspects of mechanical repair and design is a good indication a career in aerospace is right for you,” he said. “Our employees enjoy a respectful, family friendly working environment and the company is focused on building a strong community. The future looks bright.”

Careers in aviation and aerospace requires a high level of qualifications and skills. Information on education and training options is available by contacting the Manitoba Aerospace Sector Council: www.mbaerospace.ca