Farmers Edge is a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions. Originating in Pilot Mound, Manitoba in 2005, Farmers Edge is now active in 5 countries across the globe (Canada, United States, Brazil, Russia and Australia) and is projected to reach 7.5 million acres under management in 2016. With over 300 employees, Farmers Edge has been pegged as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies and has received national recognition for their agricultural innovations and commitment to global sustainability.

Farmers Edge seeks employees who share a genuine passion for agriculture. With a network of specialists ranging from Solution Sales Specialists, Precision Technology Specialists, Precision Agronomists and Software Developers, Farmers Edge offers a variety of roles that require an in-depth understanding of farming operations and advancing farm technologies. Offering in-house training, competitive salaries, health benefits and opportunities for attractive performance bonuses, Farmers Edge believes in supporting the growth of their employees and rewarding their achievements.

Unique to the precision agriculture industry, Farmers Edge combines hardware, software, agronomy and support to offer an integrated platform to growers. The offer - Precision Solutions™ - is a comprehensive turnkey system that includes: Variable Rate Technology, soil sampling and analysis, Field-Centric Weather monitoring, in-field telematics and data transfer, high-resolution satellite imagery, field-centric data analytics, access to FarmCommand - an integrated farm management platform - and a network of highly experienced, trusted advisors on the ground. Precision Solutions provide growers with accurate data enabling more productive and sustainable farming, ultimately increasing yields and profits. From data-rich to data-sparse environments, the Farmers Edge field-centric approach is contributing in helping to feed the world’s nine billion by 2050. Farmers Edge is defining the future of agriculture through innovation.

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