Frantic Films

Frantic Films is an award-winning Canadian television and film production company with an office in Toronto and its head office in Winnipeg. They produce television series, feature films, documentaries, and more.

Notable Frantic productions include Still Standing and Baroness Von Sketch Show for CBC as well as Backyard Builds for HGTV.  Many people also still remember Til Debt Do Us Part which aired for many years on Slice.. They have also produced comedy programs such as the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and feature films such as their most recent co-production, Into Invisible Light,  from Manitoba director Shelagh Carter and Faces In the Crowd, which starred Milla Jovovich and Julian McMahon. Over the years they have worked with prominent international brands, including Cadbury-Kraft, Coca-Cola and Huggies, producing everything from long format documentaries to short format series, as well as websites, games, applications, books, installations and animation.

From their two locations, Frantic employs approximately 12 full time employees with duties spanning office administration to accounting to entertainment law. They also recruit and employ 50-100 or more contractors working on productions. A typical production requires the creation of a production office that supports it with a team of people who provide services in hair, wardrobe, construction, production design, project coordination, and anything the production needs.

The type of work in the TV and film industry can be extremely varied, and skills in problem-solving and organization are valued.

“It can be intense being on a production,” says Jeff Peeler, President and Executive In Charge of Brand Integration at Frantic. “Anyone who wants to work in the TV or film industry has to really love the TV or film industry!”

“We’re making content that makes people think, laugh, cry. I’m very proud of the stories that we get to tell and the people we get to collaborate with to tell those stories. We’re all working together toward a creative end goal.”