Employer Profile - Recycle Everywhere

As Canada's first province-wide away from home beverage container recycling program, Recycle Everywhere enables new products to be made, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and recycles litter in streets and parks. Recycle Everywhere bins are distributed to communities, municipalities, schools, businesses, parks, festivals, and more. 

There are many full-time positions within Recycle Everywhere, with a focus on sales, outreach, follow-up, data management, events, school programs, and more. Seasonal positions are also available on two teams: a Street Team and an Audit and Delivery Team. 

"Every year, Recycle Everywhere looks to hire new seasonal and casual staff for our Street and Audit and Delivery Teams," says Christa Rust, Program Manager. "The Street Team travels across the province promoting beverage container recycling through games, giveaways and educational materials. The Audit and Delivery Team makes sure our bins are delivered in the right number and to the right locations around Manitoba."

Ideal candidates for Recycle Everywhere would have a skill set including some or all of the following: Environmental Degree, customer service/sales experience, knowledge of waste management industry, proficiency in key software packages, and a high attention to detail.

"We are a small team that works together to constantly innovate and push for continuous improvement in beverage container recycling," says Rust. "Look for our blue bins in communities across Manitoba and recycle all your empty cans, cartons, juice boxes, glass and plastic bottles."