Employer Profile - Flipside

Flipside is a development studio focusing on emerging technologies, like virtual reality (VR). They focus on building cutting-edge experiences such as the Scout 360° VR publishing platform and Flipside real-time animation studio, as well as interactive games and training apps.

The company is supported by an admin, sales and marketing team, but has a need for growth within their production team including Unity developers and 3D artists.

“Aside from having the technical skills, we’re always looking for candidates who are a good cultural fit—people who are genuinely interested in the field, are always willing to learn something new, and have a supportive attitude,” says Rachael Hosein, Chief Creative Officer at Flipside.

“The best thing about working here is getting to work with people who like to have fun,” says Hosein. “Work is intense, but we always make time for play.”