Employer Profile - Neovation Learning Solutions

Founded in 2012, Neovation is an education technology company that builds both software and courses for academic and corporate online training. Their two platforms are SmarterU.com (a traditional learning management system) and OttoLearn.com (adaptive microlearning), as well as FlareLearning.com, which builds e-learning and training courses for any learning platform.

In 2017, Neovation placed as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for their first five years of business on PROFIT 500 by Canadian Business.

Neovation employs a full team of in-house software developers, instructiona/graphic designers, and more. As a growing company, their current needs are many and varied, including software developers, instructional designers, graphic designers, content writers, quality assurance specialists (testing), project managers, account managers, sales development reps, sales executives, and online marketing specialists.

Typically, employees at Neovation, called neovites, need to have a degree or certificate in their field, as well as some experience in their area of speciality.

“We are a diverse workforce with a highly transparent and supportive corporate culture. We hire both recent grads and employees with more years of experience,” says Susan Hurrell, VP for Business Development at Neovation. “It is all about fit and meeting our needs.”