Employer Profile - Louisiana-Pacific

Louisiana-Pacific (LP) is a manufacturing warehouse in Swan River, MB, that produces siding and OSB products for homes, multifamily projects, furniture, outdoor buildings and industrial facilities.

“Our first board was produced in January 1996,” says Cassidy Delaurier, Human Resources at LP. “LP came to be in the area through a group of local businessmen and elected municipal officials seeking an industry/business that was looking to expand and that would be a good fit with the natural resources the area had to offer.” 

The company has an immediate need for a wide variety of positions including Labourers, Trucker/Wrapper/Graders, Shippers, Quality Control Technicians, Environment Technicians, Stores Clerks, Millwrights, Electricians, and Area and Crew Supervisors. 

For future growth, the company also foresees it will need Millwrights and Millwright Apprentices, Labourers and Supervisory Positions filled within the next three to five years.

High school education is not necessary for employment at LP. Any necessary training, such as any job-specific skills and safety education, are provided for all positions.

“All employees (except Ticketed Trademen) start as labourers in the mill before they can move into any other jobs,” says Delaurier. “We do not require a high school education but make sure that everyone has the proper skills by partnering with the local WEST Centre, who has developed a test for potential employees. If the employee does not pass, the WEST Centre works with them to develop their skills until they would be able to.”

LP prides itself on providing an outstanding company work atmosphere with Top Notch Safety Programs, a teamwork approach, and room to grow – on top of their excellent wages, pension and benefits.