Employer Profile - Perimeter Aviation

Perimeter Aviation photoPerimeter Aviation LP is a regional airline that serves northern and First Nation communities in Manitoba and Ontario through scheduled air services, cargo, medevac, and charter flight operations. In many of these locations, our aircraft are the only means of transportation and delivery of essential food and medical services.

Perimeter Aviation employs Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Dispatchers, Flight Followers, Technical Records Clerks, Ramp Agents, Cargo Agents, Northern Stations Agents, and Stores Clerks. There are also jobs in Customer Service (phone center and check in agents), Janitorial (aircraft groomer), Medevac (paramedics and flight nurses), Turbine, NDT, Quality Assurance, Safety & Compliance, Human Resources, and Marketing.

While all of the above jobs will be required in the long-term (3-5 years), jobs that require employees now – and the immediate future – include; Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Pilot, Flight Attendant, Flight Dispatcher, Flight Follower, Customer Service (phone center and check in agents), Ramp Agent, Cargo Agent, Medevac (paramedics and flight nurses), Northern Stations Agents, and Stores Clerks.

Particular experience/training that would make a potential Perimeter Aviation employee a good candidate includes:

AME – Certificate through recognized college 
Pilot – License through qualified flight school
Medevac – ACP or Nursing qualifications 
Flight Dispatcher – Flight dispatch exams

Many positions require no experience and any necessary training is provided in house, such as flight attendants, ramp and cargo agents, customer service and stores employees.

Working for Perimeter Aviation means you take pride in the work you are doing and care about the people and communities you serve. Perimeter employees have a genuine desire to help others and contribute to meaningful work.

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