Employer Profile - MSPrebiotics Inc.

Today, as a global biotechnological company, MSPrebiotics Inc. is one of the fastest-growing biotechnological companies in the world. It’s also a place that consistently attracts some of the brightest talent in the industry, recruiting the most innovative and highly qualified professionals with various backgrounds. MSPrebiotics Inc. employs people who see opportunities where others see obstacles.

MSPrebiotics Inc. is organized into two divisions: the Human Health division and the Livestock Health division, where it maintains a leadership position in both. As a company, MSPrebiotics Inc. focuses on developing new proprietary products that are part of its pipeline of products.

Some twenty-five years ago, the company believed that collaborative work and uncompromising focus can transform ideas into products that measurably change the lives of people. Company founders Earl McLaren and Derek McLaren forged a singular path, setting into motion the specialty biotech company that MSPrebiotics Inc. is today.

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