Employer Profile - Pfizer Canada

Pfizer Canada is the Canadian operation of New York-based Pfizer Inc, the world's largest pharmaceutical company. Pfizer's mission is to discover and develop innovative medicines and other products to improve the quality of life of people and animals around the world.

Pfizer has become one of the world's largest companies based on market capitalization, reinforcing its leadership position in every major pharmaceutical market. Pfizer invests more than $7 billion US annually in research and development in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, endocrinology, infectious disease, neurological disease, oncology and ophthalmology, and smoking cessation.

Pfizer Canada is one of the top investors in Canadian R&D, investing more than $130 million in 2006. Pfizer employs more than 1,400 Canadians, including more then 1,200 in Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, 100 in Pfizer Animal Health and 100 in our distribution centers. Pfizer first opened its Canadian operations in 1953 in Montreal, Quebec.

As one of the top corporate donors in Canada, Pfizer Canada is a proud member of Imagine Canada and its Caring Company program. Pfizer Canada is the top contributor to Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). Since 1994, Pfizer Canada has donated more than $35.4 million essential medicines to HPIC for the developing world.

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